Chiappa Rhino 60DS (GOLD PVD) 357MAG/6″BBL

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Chiappa Rhino 60DS is a double-action revolver with an ergonomic grip and fully adjustable rear sight. This firearm can be fired in single or double action mode and features a cylinder capacity of six rounds.



Chiappa Rhino 60DS FOR SALE (Gold)

Chiappa Rhino 60DS for sale revolver design features a lower bore axis compared to other revolvers. This means the barrel is directly in line with the shooter’s hand, wrist, and arm. This results in almost no muzzle rise and, because energy is better absorbed and controlled by the entire arm, it reduces the amount of recoil felt by the shooter. In addition, the alignment also gives the shooter a more natural point of aim. Shoot it and feel the difference!

The Chiappa Rhino 60DS is a beautiful weapon that will not only slay deer but also your competition. This gun is chambered in a .357 magnum and has a 6-round capacity. It comes with 3 interchangeable chokes (Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Extra Full) so you can change the chokes on the fly to best suit your needs.

Chiappa Rhino 60DS for sale comes with the fixed front sight and an adjustable rear which aids greatly inaccuracy at short, medium, and long ranges. Another bonus of the Chiappa Rhino 60DS for sale is that it comes with Chiappa’s patented Rhino flip-over sights.Chiappa Rhino 60DS

This Chiappa rhino 60DS is a short recoil-operated, semi-automatic shotgun that was designed for hunting deer and self-defense. The Chiappa Rhino 60DS uses the law of conservation of momentum to reduce recoil which means you can fire off all six shots without waiting to recover from the recoil.

Chiappa Rhino 60DS specification

SKU: 340.225
EAN: 8053670712201
Type of Gun: Revolver
Caliber: 357 Magnum
Action: Single/Double
Barrel Length: 6″ (152 mm)
Capacity: 6
Grips: Medium Walnut
Front Sight: Fixed Red Fiber Optic
Rear Sight: Adjustable Elevation & Windage Green Fiber Optic
Safety: Internal
Weight: 2.06 lbs
Length: 10.5″ (266 mm)
Material: Machined 7075-T6 Alloy Frame / Steel Cylinder and Barrel
Finish: Gold PVD
Extraction: Manual
Notes: Includes 3 Moon Clips + Removal Tool

1 review for Chiappa Rhino 60DS (GOLD PVD) 357MAG/6″BBL

  1. Jennifer

    After my wife seen it and shot it, she say you can get ya another one can ya

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